LOVE TEMPLE           ... a community that cares

Love Temple is a home for all seekers, yogis, meditators and all friends & lovers who want to grow and transform. There is a great balance of spirituality and celebration at the Love Temple. Freedom is in the very air. You can dance, meditate, party and make friends with people from over 100 countries. Just being at the Love Temple  makes you feel so relaxed, comfortable and blissful that it gives you a feeling of being enlightened.

Love Temple is situated at the Arambol beach and it is very close to the drum circle. Love Temple Auditorium has a huge space for 200 people to dance, practice yoga, meditate and celebrate . The campus includes a multi-cuisine restaurant, 5 yoga halls, 25 Cottages, a performance stage, dance space, and a therapy center. Our beachfront restaurant offers pure vegetarian and hygienic food. Just imagine having your favourite meal sitting in this love- paradise, enjoying fresh and free breezes, looking at the sunset.. it is just a feeling of sheer heaven.


Love Temple offers yoga classes including Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Acro and Vinyasa Flowyoga.

A 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is offered every month at the Love Temple. Please check the workshop calendar for more information.


Love Temple is a place to grow, to relax and practice spirituality. A great transformation takes place if you participate in the daily classes & workshops.Love Temple offers a variety of courses on Tantra, meditation, zen, sufi, tai chi, yoga, painting, dance and western therapy groups.

Live Music

Love Temple has music jams almost every day. Our musicians and singers share their art with the community spontaneously whenever their is a chance. It is an amazing experience of pure ecstasy and joy not be missed!

Kirtan chants happen every Sunday 6 to 7 PM followed by free meals.

Relaxing at the beach

Love Temple has choices either to participate in the activities or do nothing and relax by the beach. Just lying on a sun-bed, watching the waves, enjoying the winds is so refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating experience that it could be a space where you feel your inner peace and connect to yourself.


"A get away not only for yourself.. but one for the spirit.. was lucky enough to be present at the music festival with the best international artists from across the world! The food was too good & the sundown brings the buskers on the beach.. Love Temple & Arambol- a spiritual odyssey of their own."    Jatin

"Sweet spot ! Everything is perfect. Rooms are cool and pretty, food is amazing and safe for European people and everything is cheap.
Really one of my best places in India so far."     Sham Jeff

"Home of my heart! For me the best place to stay in Goa."   Swetlana, Russia

It's just like heaven on earth, feeling blessed to be here. Would love to come again and again."   Gireesh, India

Great place to meditate, meet friends, listen music, dance, eat and relax♡♡♡     ..Laxmi

Goa Tantra Festival

06 Jan to 10 Jan 2023, Love Temple, Goa

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